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One, the quality policy
    Adhere to the implementation of the new GMP, adhere to the "high-quality goods to the customer, health for you and me, the green is dedicated to society". 
    1, set up quality management system, clear department responsibilities, division of labor is responsible for, the implementation of decomposition; 
    2, provide the necessary resources, create conditions to ensure the quality system; 
    3, actively organize staff training, improve the professional quality and the quality consciousness of the workers, 
    4, and strive to do every batch of products meet the quality requirements; 
    5, strict implementation of GMP, the standard management, to strengthen the inspection, to ensure the quality system, effective and normal operation; 
    Second, the quality target 
    Production of qualified products, fully improve the level of production management and quality management. 
    Three, quality assurance 
    1, strictly implements national "drug production quality management norms" (2010 edition), the pharmaceutical administration law, "the pharmaceutical administration law implementation regulations" and "drug registration administration law and regulations on quality, to ensure product quality. 
    2, is responsible for establishing perfect quality guarantee system, ensure the quality assurance system run efficiently. 
    3, responsible for product from raw material procurement, acceptance, and the whole process of production, warehousing, sales and after-sale quality control, problems in the process of timely feedback, investigation, report and deal with. 
    4, responsible for the quality accident, and product complaints and returns the investigation, implementation and reporting. 
    5, audit quality standard, product process procedure, batch records, test procedures and documents related to the quality assurance.

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